New Mexico Governor wants court to stay out of her veto dispute

New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez is urging the state Supreme Court to stay out of a budget standoff with state lawmakers.

The Martinez administration filed a briefing Friday with the high court that defends the governor’s decision to veto funding to the Legislature and state institutions of higher education for the coming fiscal year.

It says the GOP governor never abolished the Legislature or any state educational institutions and notes her decision Friday to call a special legislative session to rewrite the budget.

Martinez is calling a special session of the Legislature in an attempt to resolve a state budget crisis.

Martinez issued a proclamation Friday ordering lawmakers to return to the New Mexico Capitol on May 24. The decision comes as the Supreme Court weighs accusations that the Republican governor overstepped her authority by defunding the Democratic-led Legislature and all state universities and colleges.

Lawmakers are locked in a standoff with Martinez over how to resolve the state’s grinding budget crisis. The governor has rejected tax and fee hikes that lawmakers say are necessary to shore up funding to public schools, courts, and essential public services.

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