You can own a piece of New Mexico’s “Meow Wolf”

It’s an art exhibit that’s taken the state by storm and has become a major attraction for New Mexico.

Starting yesterday, people have the chance to own a piece of it.

Vince Kadlubek, CEO and Co-Founder of Meow Wolf says, “people are traveling from all over the world to see Meow Wolf.”

It’s been in the state for just over a year. Santa Fe’s Meow Wolf attracted 400,000 visitors in its first 12 months and is on the way to surpassing that by at least 100,000 this year.

In June, the interactive art exhibit had its busiest month ever with about 50,000 people walking through the doors.

“Now iit’stime for us to start thinking about growing,” Kadlubek said. “You get to be kind of on the ride with us.”

The attraction, thrusting visitors into another dimension, is now selling shares of the company.

“We want to open this up to the public and really allow for people to become shareholders of Meow Wolf,” Kadlubek explained.
Until this point, Meow Wolf has kept investment opportunities limited, requiring a minimum of $100,000.
Now, through an online crowdfunding site, people wanting to own shares of the company only have to invest $1,000.
“It was important to us to not just be about wealthy people investing to help our success and we want it to be about everyone,” said Drew Tulchin, CFO of Meow Wolf. 
The goal is to raise $1 million through this campaign to put toward expanding Meow Wolf.
On the horizon are exhibits in cities like Denver, Houston, Austin and Las Vegas.

Tulchin says, “It’s along the lines of our character, we’re a collective, we’re a community, we’re a bunch of people and we want to open up our company to as many people as we can.”

Meow Wolf will close down the crowdfunding campaign as soon as it hits $1 million. They expect that to happen within a week.

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