KKK looks to recruit new members in New Mexico

Following the violence in Charlottesville, Va., New Mexico is starting to see some of the results.

Earlier this week, a top New Mexico Republican was forced to resign after making controversial statements on a Republican Facebook page, in which he seemed to support actions of white supremacists.

“The Republican Party of Doña Ana County announced Tuesday that it has accepted the resignation of its chairman following controversial comments made on the party’s Facebook page.”

Roman Jimenez was widely condemned for stating on the party’s official Facebook page that “violent, leftist protesters” were “getting exactly what they asked for” in the wake of racist rallies in Virginia that turned deadly.

Here is his full statement:

“These violent, leftist protesters are the brainless robots that are created by evil Soros money,” Jimenez said in a since-deleted post on the county party’s Facebook page on Sunday. “The white ones have been taught to hate their color, the women are taught to hate men, black and minorities want to kill whites and police.”

“They then have the audacity to call conservatives racist,” Jimenez wrote. “Their own racism, hate, and violence has created the divide amongst those that refuse to be bullied on anymore. They’re getting exactly what they asked for. A segregated society of groups that they’ve created and even labeled themselves.”

Now, the KKK is taking up the banner of disgraced Jimenez, actively seeking recruits in New Mexico.

On its website, the Klan said, while it has limited impact in New Mexico, that is changing. The website post motes the state is ripe for exploitation because of current immigration issues.

“The history of the Klan in New Mexico is somewhat limited. This, however, is changing with every day. The location of the state makes it ripe for immigration problems, most of which, are illegal aliens from Mexico. The Klan is standing firm on its Christian beliefs of God, Race and Nation and will protect the people of the state from the powers that plan on taking their state and giving it to the foreign element. The United States is facing challenges like never before, from immorality, immigration, drugs and outright debauchery. We of the Klan, are now in New Mexico, and are making headway in the state and are recruiting new members constantly. We are determined to make a difference and save our country for our children, grandchildren and future generations. If you want to safeguard the American way of life for you and your family in New Mexico, join us today!” – KKK website.



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