Rare Red Panda among exotic animals being smuggled

Rare Red Panda among exotic animals being smuggled

Six Indian nationals were arrested at the Bangkok airport after an endangered red panda and 87 other exotic animals and birds were seized from their luggage in a major wildlife trafficking bust.

A red panda, two monkeys, 29 lizards, 21 snakes, and rare birds, including a parrot, and a Sulawesi bear cuscus – a type of rare marsupial native to Indonesia – were seized by customs agents at Suvarnabhumi Airport, officials said on Wednesday.

Thai customs officials made the shocking discovery after finding their luggage suspicious during the security check at the airport on Monday, according to Thailand’s Customs Department.

Authorities said five men and a woman were arrested for allegedly attempting to smuggle animals out of the country to Mumbai.

“We have found out that the animals include 29 black throat monitor lizards, 21 snakes, 15 birds, including parrots – a total of 87 animals. The animals were hidden inside the luggage,” the department said in a statement.

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